passed but barely

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Just took my ITIL v3test, got a 27 out of 40.

experience wise I believe that with a good week of study you can get a n average score plus luck. This material was very dry and hard to stay focused. Got a good amount of easy questions that related to the acronyms, and a fair amount of questions that with patience I was able to narrow down by process of elimination.

just told myself while I read what where they asking for and. Which cycle performs it. Some answers will be right but only 1 that will match up to the cycle, not sure how to phraseity better.

good luck to anyone else taking it. I am now on to focus the 2nd half of ccna, and a micrsoft server cert. Since I started playing with win10, maybe a win 10 cert too.


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    Congrats. I got a 65%, the test drove me crazy. LOL. But, I passed.
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    Where possible, try to apply the concepts in ITIL to what you do in work. i.e. put yourself in the shoes of a IT manager. How can you improve your IT operations, and align it with business? What are the best practices? ITIL is that set of recommendations...
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