How hard is Network+

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I got my A+ certification 2 years ago and now I'm working towards the Net+ and Sec+.

In your opinion, how hard is the Network+ compared to the A+?

I know that the A+ has more stuff to learn and the Net+ has less content but does that make it any easier? icon_study.gif


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    I done network+ without any previous experience I found it not to difficult, however there is a lot of content to cover. Seeing as you have A+ there should be some overlap.
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    Too easy for what it is, make sure you understand every topic on the exam sheet and you'll pass. Make sure you understand basic lan troubleshooting and cabling standards. (ping, tracert, etc..)
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    It's very conceptual, not particularly challenging in any one area (broad but not deep). You should be fine... I did nothing other than reading the exam prep book and passed it after a couple of weeks without any difficulty, and I had very limited experience when I took that test.
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    Start by perusing any available copy of a Network+ book at you local bookstore, see if browsing the book makes sense. Hard? Too easy? What you expected - perhaps not. If the book makes sense for you and your convinced your ready to study for the exam - buy the book. Do some exercises and examine the results of ICMP scans and figure out why ICMP isn't just A protocol. Why UDP versus TCP and all that stuff.

    Came up in discussion today in reference junior analyst who needs some refresher training.

    Good stuff.

    - b/eads
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    To get N+ do i need to do 005 or 006 exams? anyone pass the exam recently?
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    I took the N10-005 in January earlier this year, it was not Hard at all. SNIP - removed comments violating NDA.... I used the Exam Cram Net+ book, and did a ton of practice questions, and also read a college book. But you should do just fine with the Exam Cram book. Just read the book, do practice exams, and know your stuff, and you will pass. :) Also, the A+ exam content overlaps with the test somewhat as others have stated. Good luck!
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    I also used the Exam Cram book and found that it was all I needed. It wouldn't hurt to go through the CBT Nuggets videos if you have access to those.
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    I took the exam in April. The exam isn't difficult But It Does cover alot of areas. I used Professor Messor, Exam Cram, Lots Of practice Questions.
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    It isn't too difficult. I got mine last fall and it wasn't too bad. It took me a few months of studying and I didn't have much experience. I did, however, have the Security+ so that probably made it easier in my case.
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    I heard the 005 exam is expired soon, so anyone in here done 006 exam yip? If you do whats likes? Must easier than 005 exam?
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