A+ Complete....now if I could only find a job

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Thanks to the help and support of the woderful people on techexams.net I am A+ certified. I passed my 802 last Friday after failing it once. Luckily I had bought the Certmaster package where I got a free retake so it didn't cost me anything. Which in hindsight, I'm not sure if that hurt me or helped me. I may have taken it a little more serious the first time around had I not know I could take it a second time for free.

Now, I need to find a job. Any recommendations on where to start with no experience and only an A+ cert?


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    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    I'm not in school anymore. From what I can see most internships require you to be registered somewhere.

    I'm going through a career change so that's why I have no experience, not because I'm just entering the job market.
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    Look for short term contracts, side jobs, etc.
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    Look for entry level positions...
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    Check for volunteer opportunities in your area, that's a good way to gain experience.
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    I suggest you visit sites like craigslist, careerBuilder, indeed,dice and simply hired. com. Post a resume geared towards your level of skills and depending on the position you may get a call from a recruiter that represents a placement or temp-agency specifically for IT. Also look to add a few more Comptia Certs to the A+, as a stronger base, like the net+, sec+ or Linux+ that way you will have a strong foundation. By adding two more extra certifications to the Comptia A+ more companies may give you an extra look . Also I was told by some of my friends, colleagues, and professors that meet-up.com is good place too network for positions. Also go to any free It events and clubs that are sponsor by your town, many of these events have free lectures every month. I was told that these free events are a great place way to network.

    As far as employment, I kind in the same dilemma you are in, but I did get some responses last week by posting on those career sites mentioned above. I was invited too discuss some career goals with agencies, but I'm not for sure if I will get the position or be placed, but I'm not to worry about it either because for my situation it maybe a blessing in disguise if they don't call back or I don't receive and offer and the reasoning is because I know myself personally I still have to work on certain IT skills and weakness to strengthen my IT portfolio that way when I do score a position I will have the confidence to get the job done rather I add the extra certs or not .
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    Thanks to everyone, some very good suggestions.

    David Q -- I am working on my Net+ right now. Plan to take that by the end of the month. I had minor hesitations because I didn't want to look too erratic to employers, like I couldn't figure out what I wanted so I just took a bunch of test in different things. But like you said all it does is builds a stronger base and I guess when I do get a job, they can help me find a more specific path within the IT world.

    Michael -- I was thinking of heading over to my local library and just asking them if they needed a volunteer for help. Any other places you might suggest for volunteering?

    Scaredoftests-- entry level is exactly where I am looking to start. Unfortunately, everything that I can find in my area is suggesting/requiring to have at least 2 years experience. Nonetheless I am still applying. I have gotten a call back from one company where I applied for a level 2 tech spot, and they said no for that position but put me on the list for an entry level position when one opens. No telling when that will be.

    Mow-- I have applied for a few I saw on Craigslist, but haven't been able to get any call backs yet. Do you know of any other places I can look for contract work?

    Thanks again to all for the suggestions and support, keep 'em coming...
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    For contracts - Update your LinkedIn, post resumes on Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder. Contact some recruiters directly. Network with people in your area in the field.
    For volunteer work - contact churches, homeless shelters, libraries, political campaigns, etc.
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    BestBuy/Geek Squad. Always hiring A+ certs.

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    What are your strong points? Even with the Comptia A+ ,you must become a jack of all trades I suggest you gather more knowledge here's a start

    Computer Networking: Read,study, and youtube subjects on networking+,ccnet(ccna1). if you are studying for the network+, also study material based on the ccnet as well. Because studying the ccnet and networking+ plus books will teach you sub-netting and somewhat over prepare you for the network+. Also download Packet Tracer, this will teach the basic Cisco commands and even in some cases setup a Cisco switch and router in a virtual environment.

    Microsoft: Download Virtual Box,Vmware, and Microsoft Virtual-PC and then play with the trial versions of Windos 7,8, Server 2003, 2008,and 2012.
    You can get trial versions at technet.microsoft.com plus as an added bonus they have virtual-labs specifically for server 2012. Also join microsoftvirtualacademy.com

    Linux:Download Ubuntu,Opensuse, and Fedora master these operating systems are free to master.

    Also if you get down own yourself and discouraged then listen to Eric-Thomas the Hiphop Preacher which will keep you motivated and on the grind.
    Secrets to success Pt.


    TGIM S7 EP4 - Work While Working (& Audiobook Preview)

    He has some very strong motivational principals. Me myself I get amped-up off this guy its like going to church. He reminds of Tony Robinson, but better.
    The best place to seek IT jobs with temp agencies for long term contracts are
    2.manpower technical
    3.cdi coporation
    4.robert half
    5.Micro Center - Computers, Electronics, Computer Parts, Networking, Gaming, Software, and more!

    favorite techtalk sites
    Podnutz - Tech Podcasts | Better than Radio, Better than TV.
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    Try WorkMarket and FieldNation, and pick up assignments from there. GREAT way to build up your resume quickly.
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