Is the 800 series useless?

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Due to it dealing with old tech like XP and IDE etc?


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    XP and IDE may be old but they are still used in production environments. Just because a technology is old doesn't mean we can ignore it or hope it will go away.
    If you want to make the case that the A+ is useless, it would be because of all the meaningless facts that you have to memorize to pass it (RAM pin counts, arbitrary processor speeds, random video resolution rates, etc.), not because it deals with old tech.
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  • G.O.A.TG.O.A.T Member Posts: 138
    I agree now tbh, after studying for this I just dont think its the exam for me. Not sure where to go now really in terms of studying. A+ isn't that recognized in the UK anyway.
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    Since you already have an MTA in Windows, maybe going for one of the MCP/MCSA/MCS's will be of more benefit to you. Newer, more relevant technology that might be more useful to you (though the A+ knowledge is helpful across a wide spectrum of interconnecting technologies).
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