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So guys I thought I'd post that I passed Project+ with an 825, which was my first real cert I had to take for WGU. For those wondering it's surprisingly accurate to the UCertify practice tests.. I did find the UCertify practice tests more challenging mostly because they had a lot more multiple answer type questions where as the real test seemed a bit more straight forward. Also I thought the verbiage on some of the UCertify questions was straight confusing.


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    Congrats on the pass!
    Am currently preparing for mine, scheduled for this Friday morning.

    Did not see it on the website but after passing this exam, were any of your other CompTIA certifications renewed?
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    Thanks guys and to answer your question niles312, no.. However! That's because they were recently renewed by my Storage+... I originally took A+ in high school in 2011. Two years later I took Network+ for a company I worked at which renewed my A+.. Then I took Storage+ a couple of months ago and it renewed them both.

    I would say it's a safe bet that your Project+ will renew any older currently active certs you have based on the CEUs.. Also good luck on the Project+! It's not too challenging if you studied.
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    Thanks tkerber, for both the advice & the luck! :D

    I got my Security+ in Feb '14, which renewed my Network+ & A+, hoping this does similar. Else I've still got 2 years before renewal, no biggie.

    Studying for this has been a nice change of pace in comparison to other vendor exams, plus I needed to gain some exposure to the PM realm..
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