Can CompTIA certifications really get you hired

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Hi guys I have a two year diploma in Computer Networking and Technical Support and I have been hearing to get CompTIA certifications so that I can start my career in IT. I am planing to get an A+, Network + then a security +. I know this sounds a lot but it will provide me an edge with the employers. I also know that I have a minimum education but I have seen many of my fellow classmates landing on a IT service desk analyst jobs. So having a CompTIA certifications can really get your hired. By the wayI have minimum experience since in my diploma program I have had practical labs


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    If you have Security+, that's a great cert to help you get in with DoD jobs. It will take you to IAT II. This is very much in demand.
    Certification Information for Government Agencies

    As for A+, N+, I don't know how much they help in the market place. Most places for networking like a Cisco cert.
    I think if you can pass CCENT, it will look better, and then perhaps you can even get N+ w/o extra study since CCENT is a bit beyond N+.
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    I wouldn't hire anybody based on a certification, but when weighing various candidates it may tell me more about one that has the cert vs. another that doesn't have the cert. So, for me, they do have value and I encourage people to get them.
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    I'm also thinking about this question and will just wait and see. I just got my A+(no prior IT experience) I go have a B.S. in business and years of administrative experience and online retail. I'm starting my job search and see how things work out. I'm studying for the Network+ now. Since you have a degree in IT then your situation is different than mine, but I think the CompTIA certificates at least shows your passion and commitment to reach where you want to go to the employers and it's not gonna be bad for you in any way.(just my opinion) Hopefully, others on this forum with more experience can answer your questions better.
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    Without these certs you can't even get passed the HR screening process.
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    In my opinion,
    these Comptia certs appear to have an artifical value; propped-up almost ENTIRELY by the US Government (required for sub-contract positions).

    They are simply introductory certs; nothing more.
    For true advancement, you will have to move on to other products.

    But the reality is: if you are trying to land an entry position (with no formal degree), then these certs do have Value (even if only artificial).

    Eston21 is absolutely correct.
    the system is rigged. You usually can't get passed HR without the cert.
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