Passed, audited and now fully endorsed Cissp

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Hi All

I want to begin by thanking everyone on techexams. This site really helped me with getting the CISSP designation

As of today i am officially a CISSP

I passed the exam on the last week of august. I sent my endorsement form in on sept 4th. I got a random audit notification on tuesday September 15. I sent my consent form and my re-done resume on September 16. They reached out via email to my ex and my current managers. They had to fill some form. I believe that was completed and sent today morning. I got an email at 2:30 that i am officially a CISSP

I dont want to re-iterate what everyone has already said about the exam. Very high level and not to technical , etc.....

It was the hardest exam i have ever written so far. I felt no confidence when i finished it that i have passed it but when i saw the paper and it said congratulations .... It just was a surreal and unbelievable experience and moment

Anyone can pass this exam if i can do it


6th addition shon haris book
Eric conrad 11th edition-- not used much

Safari books online- it has videos by saari green and its the refreshed domains and materials

Deloitte cissp boot camp- paid by work

Just remember anyone can do it as long as you commit fully to studying and understanding the material

Thanks all

Now CISA ....


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats and thank yau, Shysn1p3r.

    How are saari green's videos. Are they helpful?
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    Hi Harrym1

    Thank you . I found them helpful. I watched them 1 week before my exam. It has all the new stuff that has been added, like IOT and sas70 and ssae16, etc.... Cybrary is better for the overal picture however this has the new/updated stuff.
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    Shysn1p3r, Thank you.
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