Not sure where to proceed for IT

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Hello everyone!

I got my Bachelor's in CIS a few months ago and started courses for my masters in information security. I consider myself a newbie, simply because I'm in my internship and this is my first IT related job. My internship will be ending next year, but because of finances, I'm starting to look for a more permanent entry-level position (plus I will be turning 26 soon and that means I have to start looking for a job with benefits).

Of course, I have been studying different programming languages since I started my Associate's. However, I also like the Security aspect of IT as well. I thought about combining both by getting certifications for programming languages and also getting certs in Security. Both in which can take time and money, but with me just starting out, I'm wondering if I should just take it easy and start small by getting my CompTIA Triad certs (A+, Net, Sec) then going from there? Should I get my A+, then get like my C# cert? Or am I trying to do too much, and should just stick with one path...icon_sad.gif of course, down the line, I would like to be a manager over either path anyways, it's just I suck at making major life decisions lol. Any suggestions? Suggestions on certifications I should do??

Thank you!!


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    Programming is bank if you're goodicon_cool.gif
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    I am by no means a programmer, but I believe your portfolio is more important than any certifications you could get. However, if you want to get into security, programming will serve you well and some security, networking and systems certs would get you in the door, until you get a feel for the way you want to go. Once you get in and get a feel, it gets easier to decide what to study. Of course, it still helps to have others' perspectives, which is what makes this forum so valuable.
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    As someone that has managed teams of network techs and help desk staff, and seen literally hundreds of resumes come across my desk, my biggest piece of advice to one and all is this...NOTHING trumps experience. Degrees and certs both come after experience on the list.

    SO many resumes appear so similar with respect to certs, that one tends to begin to gloss over them to a large extent. That said, it is hard to get experience walking in off the street without at least a cert or two.

    Unless you have a specific plan to work at an ISP or very large enterprise, a CCNA is a waste of your time (imho). I got my CCNA in 2002, and never used it, and I've worked for several IT Providers.

    Formal education and certs prove your potential, willingness to learn, and dedication. They don't mean you can actually "do" anything, until you've actually done it, which brings us back to experience, of course.

    Not trying to be a ***** here, just shedding some light on how it really works "out there".

    All that said, I'm still taking IT courses after 16 years in IT, and on a continual education/upgrade process, so once ya get started, ya can't stop (if you wish to remain current, and relevant).

    Get ANY cert that gets you ANY IT related job. Once in the door, the experience clock starts ticking, and you'll soon learn what it actually is you want to do, and can tailor your life long learning towards it.
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    Keep your focus on finding your next gig after the internship is up. Experience trumps all, so that should be the first priority. With a degree and an internship under your belt, you should be able to find something, though it may take a little time. When I finished my Bachelors (made a career change into I.T.) I had that, a CCNA and a couple semi-related internships that probably didn't help my case at all. I was sending out a couple dozen resumes a day and it took a few months to finally land my first real job. The first one is the hardest, but it gets easier.
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    If you like security try moving to an area where security is a big thing like the WASHDC on your resume, post it on Monster and such and contacts head hunters. Try to get a job where you can get a TS/SCI security clearance, that clearance along with your Master.. you will be golden...
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