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I wanted to ask a question about hdlc. I can't wrap my head around just exactly how it works, the in depth version of it? I know the basics of what I read, it communicates to serial leased lines together, but HOW does it do it? How does the isp get involved in the middle and how can one side be a dte and another be a dce when each end must end with a dce modem? Does the line just go straight into the device at the dte end? I'm really confused about this but I'm sure some clarity will really help me out!

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    In my view HDLC and the DCE and DTE are separate points.

    First HDLC is a WAN protocol that is used to transfer data on the serial links. It is a transportation protocol and I don't think you need to know much about how it does it, but knowing it doesn't hurt. I never studies about that so sorry cant tell you..!!

    Second DTE is a router at your house. DCE's may be present at both the ends which provide clocking for your device to work which in this case is DTE your router. ( DTE--> DCE--> ISP WAN LINK--> DCE-->DTE ). DCE may be present at the demarcation point where the ISP's responsibility ends so indirectly they are the ones who maintain those DCE's .

    I'm not a professional and I provided Idea of what I know, If I am wrong please correct me.
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