(ISC)2 Associate or Member for next exam?

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Hi all,

This is slightly off topic in that it's not specific to CISSP or SSCP. I already have both of those and am certified.

I am studying for HCISPP from (ISC)2. I have only recently started working in healthcare, so I understand that even if I pass my exam, I will not be eligible for full certification for one year, despite my other security experience (1 year experience MUST be in healthcare).

I'm about to book the HCISPP exam, but it is asking:

"*Are you applying to take the Associate of (ISC)2 exam?"

Do I answer yes or no? I'm already a Member of (ISC)2, so I would say no. But I cannot be certified as yet with HCISPP due to lack of experience specific to healthcare. In that case, do I say yes?

Any ideas?




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