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Have any of you ever had a misunderstanding at a interview I believe the interviewer seems to think I have a certification that I don't. Should I correct her if I am offered the job? It is an entry level A+ certification. Should I just go get it if I get the role if I feel qualified? What would you do?


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    If the job is contingent on having the certification I'd certainly make sure everyone is on the same page.
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    How did the interviewer come to the conclusion that you hold the A+ certification? What is listed on your resume or the application that would make them believe this?
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    I always make the correction for better or for worse. I would rather not get the job than be performing below their expectation of me because they assumed something that was not true and I didn't correct them.
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    Correct the misunderstanding, but make it clear you'll get it if it's required. Don't start a job with a lie.
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