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Did Foundation exam this morning and passed with 37/40 - 93% - score was higher than I expected but I after taking a few mock exams (got 30 then 36 on them) I thought I would pass. Overall I dont see this as a difficult exam at all compared to other more technolgy based exams I have done. For preparation I used the Udemy course from ITSM Zone which I got in one of those ever regular Udemy sales for 15usd$. I watched all videos through and then used the downloadable chapters for each lesson to go over them once more and that was enough to pass.
I did find alot of it quite dry though like many , with my brain turning off at times.

oops - just noticed the spelling mistake - meant to be PASSED not PAST! Im on strong painkillers - my excuse anyway!


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    Nice score and congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats! Nice score (you beat me by 1 question; 36/40 icon_cool.gif)! You finished in under 20 mins too, huh?! | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    It was about 20 mins I think yeah , then I spent a bit more going back over the questions (only changing one I think) - I think a good tactic with this exam is to just go with your instinct really if your not completely sure rather than rethink it too much and make a change your not sure of.
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    @bobliviab congratulations mate I am doing the same udemy course. How long did it take you to fully study for the exam? Im also using the "Passing your ITIL Foundation Exam (Best Practice)" book along with the Udemy course but mainly focusing on the book tbh.
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    Hey bro, what practice exams did you use? I only see the official one on the AXELOS site. Can you recommend any useful practice tests besides AXELOS one? Cheers and congrats!
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