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Hi I have a user in exchange [email protected]

And I want to create a number of contact objects that will apear in the GL for each department..

Engineers, Finance

Now some of these departments have a group mailbox others dont'. So I want to create a new contact for each department and assign each an phone number and email address.

Jo works in HR and his email address is the one I want to use.

So in exchange I create a new contact, but I can't set the email to be his email as I am told it is already used by Jo.

How can I do this, have both a user with an attached mailbox, and a contact pointing to there email address?
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  • bgold87bgold87 Member Posts: 112
    Can you just give Jo the alias [email protected]? No need for the contact, those are usually for external people that need to show in the GAL.

    EDIT: just read that you need them to show in the GAL. I think you might have to create a new user, and do forwarding. Or a shared mailbox and give Jo full access so it shows as a separate mailbox in Outlook.
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