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Hi there,

I'm currently looking for a CCNP study partner. Someone to do labs with, bounce ideas off of, etc. I learn better when the learning is done in a group or pair.. definitely open to more than just 1 other person.

Looking to start with CCNP Switch. I've done a lot of reading, and practicing, but still need to solidify concepts and misc. memorization things (Like HSRP VIP MAC, Port-channel load balancing, etc)

If you are interested in taking this journey with me, please feel free to post, or PM me!




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    I'll play! I just passed SWITCH and am moving on to ROUTE soon. I'm in no hurry though, if I pass in 6 months I'll be happy. Feel free to run anything by me.
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    I'm interested also, im studying route at the moment, passed switch earlier in the year, a refresher would be good, since i did it so long ago, how would you go about this ?
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    I too am interested in this!
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    I am going through ROUTE at the moment. I use Google Hangouts if you wanted to initiate a group.
    Currently Reading:

    CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam v. 5.1
    CCIE Routing and Switching 5.0 OCG, Vol. I
    Cisco Lan Switching
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    studying for switch (dec 2015) feel free ot PM me if you are looking for someone to study with still.
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    Hi there,

    This post was over a year ago, but I'm studying for my CCNP Switch and am working on a Google Docs collaboration. I'm putting all my info into this document that is related to the CCNP Switch syllabus - it's basically a knowledge base that doesn't just prepare you to answer the questions; it also focuses on understanding how the technologies work, so you will be prepared to answer questions like why a non root switch will temporarily ignore an inferior BPDU that it receives on a port. Why would it ignore this inferior BPDU? Why would that sending switch actually send the inferior packet in the first place? What would happen if a non root switch received a superior BPDU from another switch? Would it accept it right away? Would it instead try to discover if the root switch was down?

    I'm hoping to get some people interested in this, but if you have already found people to collaborate with, I'd be more than happy to join.
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