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This exam was very difficult. It is best to buy the voucher with the re-take option and cert-master practice questions. I started studying September 1 thinking the new exam was going to be similar to the N10-005 exam. I was going to take the exam at the end of September. I was dead wrong. The new exam is much more difficult. I had to reschedule it twice due to taking 2 university classes as well.

Materials used:
Transender Practice questions (Most beneficial - make use of the 700 flashcards)
Certmaster Practice questions that came with the voucher
Darril Gibson N10-006 Practice questions kindle book on amazon
David L prowse N10-005 Practice questions kindle book on amazon
Network+ Mike myers all in one N10-006 is good overall book as well as the Examcram N10-006 book.

Wish you all the best of luck!


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    Congrats! Just curious, so you took 005 before and 006 has an increase in difficulty level? | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    Congrats. How did the certmaster compare to the exam?
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    I passed the net+ 006 in August, and completed certmaster twice. I'd say it helped with ~10 questions on the exam. And I agree with the OP, the exam was very difficult, I made a 79% on the first try and 85% on the next (need 80% to pass).
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    Can you say which study source aided you most for the test?
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    Congrats!icon_cheers.gif Welcome to the Club
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