Where to start ?

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Hi ,
I am very new to virtulization.

Most experience i have is running vms on my home pc using Vmware Player.

I like virtulization and i know its the future.

I want to get VMware cert and get a better job.

So , i would like to know where and how do i start to learn more advance virtulization , like Virtual servers etc ?

Where should i start ?


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    I think youve partially answer your own question. 1. Get Certified 2. Set up a home lab try to get a old server on which you can load a type 1 hypervisor. 3. Join a forum/discussion group that discusses virtualisation issues etc.
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    It's not required and closer to sales than hands on but check out the VCA-DCV. It's VMware's beginner certification. If you like what you see then you can check out the VCP. Which you can sign up for the required class through Stanly. If it seems over your head take a step down and learn the building blocks.
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    You can sign up for a ton of VMware products and get a 30-day trial license for it. I'd probably recommend starting with installing ESXi on a machine and vCenter/vSphere on another.
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    Personally, I lab best when I understand the basics of the technology. I am trying to get the VCP5-DCV before the end of the year. This is what I am doing.
    1. Download the blueprint.
    -The exam blueprint actually contains links to documents that have a ton of information about VMware. I downloaded all of the documents.
    2. Read the documents.
    -I am reading the documents that are recommended in each section, specifically for the information that the section covers.
    3. Take copious notes.
    -Writing it out by hand helps me to remember and understand.
    4. Hands On time
    -Set up a home lab or use VMware's Hands on Lab (I am not here, yet)
    5. My plan is to use the required knowledge sections of the blueprint like essay questions.
    - For example, Objective 1.1 Identify and Explain vSphere Architecture and Solutions
    Identify available vSphere editions and features
    <answer here>
    6. Take exam.

    Edit to throw in there vBrownBags. I will be using them as a review for each sections, as well as creating and using flashcards.
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    As other said, set up a lab a do as much practice as you can. VMWare certificate needs classroom training. Dont know which country are you in as it can be fairly expensive for self funding.
    I work on VMWare products everyday as part of my job but not considering certification because of cost. Here in Aus it cost around $5k and I will wait till someone agrees to pay for it.
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    Hi all fine folks and sorry to wake up an old'ish thread.

    I am currently beginning my VCP550 prep. I have already taken the ICM5.5 classroom training with Stanly earlier this year.
    I have the Scott Lowe book to read. I have 2 HP Microservers Gen9 at home to prepare my home lab, both under use with ESXi 5.5 currently.
    Do I need a SAN setup to prepare and understand LUNs and similar concepts ?

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    Here are a few resources you might find useful:

    1. The Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 book by Scott Lowe (as mentioned by bym007).

    2. The Administering vSphere 5: Planning, Implementing and Troubleshooting book was recently recommended to me.

    3. Stanly Community College has a course (VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage) that is only $185 US or $260.97 AUD. Once you complete that course, which is online, you will be allowed to take the test (assuming you have studied well enough). Check to make sure that the state you live in isn't one that Stanly can't provide online training to. Get on their wait list.

    4. As others have said, you will want a lab to play with. If you get into Stanly, they do have free downloads of the vSphere software. If you want to lab now, you can also pay the $200 USD VMUG Advantage price and you'll be given a year-long subscription to quite a bit of the VMware software. You can also download, for free, trial versions of their software. Whichever makes the most sense to you and the resources you have available. As for the hardware, check out VMware's HCL and then buy used servers that are on the HCL. That way, you have experience installing it to the hardware.

    5. Write down your experiences while labbing, taking the course, and reading the necessary books. Publish to a blog and showcase what you have learned. This will help you to study more effectively, keep you focused, and provide any future employer with an idea of what you know about vSphere.

    I have taken the ICM course and have the two books mentioned above. I also have one server on the HCL and am waiting until after the holidays to purchase more RAM and HDD space for it. Then I will throw myself full-bore into study mode.

    I hope the above is helpful.
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    I think youve partially answer your own question. 1. Get Certified 2. Set up a home lab try to get a old server on which you can load a type 1 hypervisor. 3. Join a forum/discussion group that discusses virtualisation issues etc.

    You got the order wrong icon_smile.gif

    #3 -> #2 -> #1
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    jibbajabba wrote: »
    You got the order wrong icon_smile.gif

    #3 -> #2 -> #1

    yeah I agree jibbajabba yeah thats a better path.
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    Anyone with specific questions about the course at Stanly Community College, please feel free to send me a private message here or email me at [email protected].

    We will be glad to help!
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    Great answers, I'd like to stress out that being curious and reading forums (this one and the VMware community are exceptional!), blogs, watching videos on YouTube/similar.. that is very very important.
    Be curious and you will learn.
  • aschenbecheraschenbecher Posts: 27Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    thank you all .

    I registered to be on Stanlys wait list.
    I also installed Vmware workstation pro on my pc.
    I cant afford to buy even a used server for few weeks.
    Once i'am able , ill buy one and work my way from there.
  • gncsmithgncsmith Posts: 458Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Is there any alternative to Stanly CC? I live in Missouri and Stanly does not service us.
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