Passed CSSLP 30th Oct 2015

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This is my first exam review so do bear with me. icon_redface.gif

Took CSSLP exam today at Pearson. Exam duration is 4 hours and consist of 175 questions. This is my second ISC2 exam, the first was CISSP in end March this year. Finished most of the questions in about an hour, did 3 rounds of review and click submit with about 2 hours reminding. I was certain that I have at least 80% of the answers correct.

Comments about the exam? Without violating the NDA, I can say that this is a managerial type exam that focuses on your understanding of stages and characteristics of the typical SDLC (software development lifecycle). The 8 CSSLP domains maps into a nice chronological process; concept -> requirements -> design -> coding -> testing -> acceptance -> deployment & operations. The 8th domain supply chain was added later. You need to know what and why certain tasks are carried out during each phase, and characteristics of the different software methodologies and standards.

This is an exam for those who have been through application development lifecycle. Someone without programming knowledge is able to pass the exam but will find the study materials dry as they lack the hands-on experience and point of reference. Sort of like studying for ITIL without having any IT operations experience. Or PMP without project management experience. Do-able but you may end up sleeping instead. icon_wink.gif

My study materials were CSSLP AIO as the main exam guide with Offical CSSLP CBK (2nd edition) as reading supplement. The AIO is a no-nonsense exam guide. The CBK is comfortable read and refresher; I do wish that the author did not use the "As a CSSLP.." phrase that often. icon_sad.gif

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