How many certifications can my brain cope with?

I'm primarily a C# Microsoft developer, but my job also requires me to do a fair amount of SQL Server DBA-type stuff, and also some Java.
I've passed 2 of the 3 exams for MCSD (70-480, 486 and 487) but I'm finding them a challenge.
After that I'm considering SQL Server MCSA (70-461, 462 and 463).
After that I'm considering Java 1Z0-808.

My brain is only average, and my employer rarely pays for commercial training courses.
Is this too much to aim for, considering that the MCSD will need renewing after 2 years, and the MCSA after 3?


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    I'm pretty sure you're a pretty bright person since just learning those skills requires an above-average level of comprehension and logical deduction. I think you're just burnt out and need a lil re-charge. Once you get some R&R, your brain might feel ready to absorb tons of new material. Maybe try to take the last MCSD exam before resting a bit for your SQL/Java journey. Good luck! | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    You need to pace yourself. If you set a lot of goals for yourself that may be unattainable, it can cause stress and cause a sense of urgency to get them done. Certs should be something you enjoy preparing for and making the learning experience an enjoyable one. Just remember, no 1 person can be certified in everything. Only 1 person in the world has done all CCIEs according from an article from Paul Browning I read on his blog. Paul just seems to put things into perspective and bring a lot of real world realizations to things. Also, keep in mind your financial situation. If you have the money then balance your financial situation with your career expectations and goals for test prep material like books, videos, vouchers etc. Hope things work out. Best of luck!
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    They are all related, so you could likely get them all done and have a handle on them. You don't have to recertify MCSA. It is tied to a technology (SQL Server 2012), so you'd certify on the new technology when it is relevant to you. Even the MCSD you only need to keep it current for as long as it is relevant to you. The recertification is one exam, which should be manageable if you have 2 more years of experience with the technology.

    You also have the option to just take some of the exams. For example, you could take just 461, if you are mostly using databases, 462 if you will be administering the backend server, or 463 if you are building databases, designing schemas etc. You'd still get an MCP with one exam.

    But pace yourself. If you feel overwhelmed or burning out, turn it down a few notches or take a break. You are doing this for yourself.
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    Prioritize your order of cents. And don't worry about rushing.
    concentrate on what you want to do.
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