Pass CompTIA Cloud+ !

A really great end of the year, I passed CompTIA Mobility+ a few months ago and now I passed CompTIA Cloud+ ! :D

The exam questions were the most complex that I have seen from CompTIA.. about 20 questions in I was like.. "I'm going to fail this thing.." But I was able to get a middle of the road score.. but what matter most is I passed!

A lot of questions about SAN and iSCSI, that is one area that I "highly" recommend you make sure you have that down solid.
I was ok with all of the terms.. but the way the questions were worded.. was like they were trying hard to make the problem or problem in the question, more harder then it was.. I hope that makes sense.

Good Luck to all, in regards to this test!
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrat!!! icon_smile.gif

    What are you plans now?
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    I agree with you! I think people who have English as a second language would really struggle with this exam. The questions were worded in a way that made them convoluted and overly complicated. Did you also find that about 5-6 questions could have had 2 right answers? I know they are looking for what they think is the BEST answer, but in my experience their BEST answer isn't always right in real life.
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