Need advice on how to start.

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Hello friends.

I have ZERO experience with Linux.

My goal is to obtain the Linux+ certification, and the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator certification by the end of next year.

I will begin on December 1, after I pass the CCNA: Security exam (which is what I'm studying now).

So far, I have these materials...

CBT Nuggets - Linux Essentials
CBT Nuggets - Linux in the Real World
CBT Nuggets - LPI-1 101 and CompTIA Linux+
CBT Nuggets - LPI-2 102 and CompTIA Linux+
Linux Bible - 9th Edition

I'm open to any advice on what books I need to buy, and/or if I need more videos.

My plan is to focus on Linux+ first. Once I get it, I'll circle back and figure out a game plan for RHCSA.

1. Build a new computer. Put my Mac and Windows machines in the closet.
2. Install CentOS and Debian (Correct me, if I need something else)
3. Watch Linux Essentials first. (Of course, I'm practicing on my linux box, and reading at the same time).
4. Watch LPI-1
5. Watch LPI-2
6. Watch Linux in the Real World
7. Subscribe to LinuxAcademy
8. ?
9. Profit???

Is this a feasible game plan, or am I missing something?

I plan to study at least two hours a night on weekdays, and while at home, only use Linux as my personal computer.

At least four hours a day on weekends.
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  • JockVSJockJockVSJock Member Posts: 1,118
    Sounds like you have what you need.

    I would also recommend to get a vm player like Virtual Box and create a lab where you can experiment.

    Also start reading the following websites:
    The Geek Stuff
    nixCraft — Linux and Unix tutorials for new and seasoned sysadmin.
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    I strongly agree about using virtualization software with support for taking snapshots. This will allow you not to hold back when experimenting; i.e. you can knowingly take actions that may break the system, and if the system becomes inoperable, you can easily go back to a working state.

    The Linux Bible is a great book, but because of its length I would suggest not to read it from front to back, but rather pick the chapters that seem the most relevant to your current level/situation.

    The other Linux book I like to recommend is "The Linux Command Line". It deserves its excellent rating on Amazon, and it can be downloaded at
  • jamesleecolemanjamesleecoleman Member Posts: 1,899 ■■■■■□□□□□ is great! They give you machines to use and I think you can use up to 6 of them. They also have video's to watch along with lab exercises. They increased the price to 29 dollars a month. I'm using it now and it's helpful but I'm also going to get the Linux+/LPCI-1 AIO book.
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    I've signed up at Linux Academy and so far so good. The courses are easy to follow and the instructors/forum admins are very helpful!
  • JockVSJockJockVSJock Member Posts: 1,118
    I would encourage you to look at the Red Hat Certified System Admin (RHCSA). All of the other Linux certs don't have any weight or respect. Look at job posting in your area to see what companies are asking/looking for.

    If someone would have given me this perspective, I would have focused on the RHCSA, not Linux+.

    Linux+ is multiple guess. RHCSA is you building real Linux scenarios in a timed/graded environment.
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    1. Is it possible to get a gui for the kiosk exam ?
    2. For only 2 areas of the test prep I think a gui is useful i.e forewall and ldap config

    Does anyone know if the gui is supported at all in the kiosk exam ? (From someone who has done this very recently)
    What would I need to check etc to make the gui usable ?
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    I'm in a similar position to the OP except I have a few years of Windows based experience but the linux work I need to do is not a whole lot. I have a path of other certs that I'm doing until switching to linux in the 3rd qtr of this year. I was originally going to take the Linux + exams but do you recommend diving straight into RHCSA? Worried that I might get in over my head.
    Any advice would be great
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