For anyone looking to build a lab or upgrade their storage

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    Dang! I want that for my gaming machine....

    At the moment I have a 240 GB which is fine but RPGs can be bloated in size and I would like to keep most of them on my SSD rather than moving stuff back and forth to the secondary HDD
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    Yeah its pretty cheap. I am thinking of getting a couple and putting them into a RAID0.
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    Wow. To think that 100GB SSDs used to cost an arm and a leg not too long ago. With these advancements, there really is no excuse to be using spinning HDDs any longer, not even in the enterprise storage space.
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    Tempting, but it'd take me about a year to install it in something. I'm thinking I might build my next PC end of 2016, not sure yet.

    On another note, Western Digital announces acquisition of SanDisk
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    So tempting!! :)
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    The price from Newegg is $349.99, the price from Best Buy is $303.99. The $269 price you see on Newegg is from one of their sellers "Hot Deals 4 Less". They have too much negative feedback for my tastes.

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    The deal is no longer on amazon. It was a limited deal for yesterday, but it was $219.00 when I posted it. It's gone back up to $299.00
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