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Hi, i was wondering what the best practice would be maybe in industry that goes into configuring a DHCP server?
I have done plenty of them with sub interfaces and with L3 switches, but i was wondering is the ip-helper command the best way to do it if you have a DHCP server set up and is this the best practice etc...



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    IP Helper per VLAN.
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    Yes, the IP-helper command is the best way for any routing device to interact and know about a DHCP server. As mentioned above remember to place the IP-helper command on each router interface / sub-interface / interface VLAN that you need DHCP services on.
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    You could configure a DHCP server on each L3 switch or router that faces the VLAN(s) you want to use DHCP for. But, many companies like to centralize things. Microsoft for example has a DHCP Server role that can be installed on Windows Server and integrates with Active Directory. In that case, you would use the IP Helper command and specify the IP Address of the centralized DHCP server.
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