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Hello All,

I am finding myself in a weird position. I have been a WGU student for awhile now. I have been having problems with a few of my classes and mainly it is me and my personality I think. I hate math and can't stand doing math classes. I finished all but my stats class and I am struggling to do it (no longer motivated to complete). I am getting ready to start a new term and figured I would look into another program. As I was looking into my work benefits Capella came up. I looked over there program and I like the classes that are there. However, I don't know what the courses are like and what the Flexpath option gives.

I was wondering if anyone has gone to Capella and if so did they like it? What are the courses like? I know with WGU you can easily just take the test and get credit for the course but how is capella? More papers than tests or what? It seems as though the program is a little more suited if you want the cisco world or the security world. Which I like both worlds.

Looking for some advice and thoughts. Hope everyone is enjoying their turkey day and having a fun! Thank you!


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    Dude, you're still going to have to take a math class.
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    No, I get that. Though at Capella I have completed all of my required Math Classes. I wouldn't need to take a any more math. Sorry if it seems like I am complaining about math. I have My College Algebra and Finite Math classes at WGU completed.
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    Honestly, I would stick it out if you're just worried about the stats class. It's not nearly as difficult as college algebra. I was dreading it at first because I suck at math, but I ended up scoring in the 80's.

    Remember the difference between OR and AND and how to work the median stuff like IQR. You will be okay using a basic calculator. The pre-assessment is very much representative of the final. I ended up scoring much better than I thought I would.
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    Also be aware that a Capella degree is much more likely to get your resume filtered out than a WGU degree. For-profits have a bad reputation, and with good reason. Just suck it up and spend some extra time on Khan Academy - WGU math really isn't that tough.
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    I would definately say stick it out. Its only one math class! I was having trouble with one of the programming classes at WGU for my undergrad (not a big fan of coding) and had already failed the exam once. I found a tutor online and with 6 hours of tutoring, he was able to explain the concepts better and it was enough to get me a pass.
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    I have taken biostatistics and engineering statistics. (Not from WGU) Take it from me it is much easier than the normal math class because you see it so much in everyday life. Pick up a copy of Statistics for the Utterly Confused and you will be fine. Naked Statistics is a fun read too and can help put things in perspective. Lots of good videos on youtube too.
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    Stick it out at wgu. I think it will hold better on resume than Capella.
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