Two routers for CCENT?

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Hi guys, just have a basic question. I'm studying for CCENT right now and I have two 3600 series routers and packet tracer. Finances are real tight because wife just had surgery and I'm the only one working. Are there labs that I can do with just two routers for CCENT. I figure I can use Packet Tracer for switching stuff maybe. I just want to at least have some basic exposure to real routers. I work as an L1 network Infrastructure tech so as far as switches go I am around them at work doing basic tasks. No heaven stuff but upgrading them and sometimes basic base config tasks. I will probably add to my lab later but I want to try to make the best of what I have now.


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    You can do a lot of stuff with two routers. What IOS version? Look into making loopback interfaces for routing protocols to share. It won't be unbelievable but it probably will work "ok". Do you have multiple serial interfaces or multiple Ethernet interfaces?
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    Thasks so much, they are older routers running 12.4. Been looking online and looks like there are quite a few things I can do. I may have to do switching in PT.
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    12.4 is what I have on my 2611xm's that I used. I never really ran into issues throughout my CCNA (I took it right after the refresh).
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    Ok sounds good. I will probably get a few switches for Ccna. I guess for now I will use Packet Tracer. However I'm having issues trying to connect via putty and Tera term says com point not working. Went into Device manager and I don't even see a ports option.
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    Are you talking about via serial? Make sure you have the right drivers...getting that to work was the biggest pain of the entire prep. The best advice I can give is google it. It requires some tinkering.
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    Packet tracer is all you neeed for the ccna.
    (its the reason/purpose WHY cisco made the program in the first place)

    If you are tight on money,
    i'd recommend www danscourses . com

    His CCNA 1 & 2 courses will get you ready for CCENT (within 90 days).
    (packet tracer will be TOUGH at first... but you will eventually SCARE yourself at how good you become).

    Then, you can just buy some boson practice tests, watch some chrisbyrant vids, and pass the test.
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    Thanks so much both of you guys. I may just roll with Packet Tracer for now since I have it installed and ready to go. I was actually thinking of using Danscourses for the CCENT part. I have already been through some of it. What I like about it is that you actually use PT as you go through it and it gives you some pretty good hands on sklills. I want to get CCENT done by the end of the year. I think I will be able to do it. Maybe for ICND2 I may go back to the real equipment depending on how things go.
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    Use GNS3/Dynamips for routers and GNS3/IOU OR Packet Tracer for switches. Packet Tracer is the easiest option but if I was you I'd look up how to set up IOU on GNS3.
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    Yea I was thinking of going the GNS3 route once I get a better laptop. The one I have is beyond slow. PT works ok on it though.
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    Why not use the current laptop you have now and save yourself some money? Look into Boson NetSim. It is $99 for CCENT and works great on almost any computer. You can then upgrade to the CCNA version for around $100 more. You can even buy bundles that include their practice exams as well.

    I used Boson for my CCNA R&S and I don't regret it one bit. They have built in labs if you don't feel comfortable with setting up your own labs and you can make your own labs once you feel comfortable. The software has a bigger range of routers to use including the best 1841 for lab purposes. It is for a 3 year license however but well worth the money than having to buy real equipment and then trying to sell it which most people don't buy it once they finish with the cert or the price drops because of new exam changes and new IOS requirements etc. Best of luck in your decision.
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    Thanks so much flash, and yes I have heard of Boson Netsim. Wish I could afford it right now but its impossible, so I will have to make the best out of PT. I would love to be able to use GNS3 but I dont know about it on this computer I have. Its a gateway dual core with an AMD processor. I have 2 gigs of ram. Its ok for now. Once I get in a better position financially I may go the GNS3 route with a more powerful machine maybe. Of course I could down grade to XP, that may make things work a little better, all I need is for it to last about a month while I prepare LOL. I also have the boson exam max for CCENT too.
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    danscourses is the way to go.

    Kflash may be right about how amazing bosom is.... but it's OVERKILL for the exam.

    The ccent was a complete joke. i was VERY underwhelmed by the test.
    Would have been very pissed if i spent hundreds of $$$ in preparations.

    Instead, i signed up on udemy and caught chrisbryant for $10.
    The End.

    Save Your $$$... but INVEST your time.

    imo, 30 days for a CCENT... may be unrealistic
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    Thanks so much volfkat, I already have Chris Bryant and the boson test. I agree with you on Packet Tracer. That should be enough for CCENT/CCNA. I originally was going to just use Chris Bryant with Packet Tracer and the boson test. I do however like how the Danscourses videos use PT all through it. I wish Chris Bryant had some PT lab exercises to go along with his stuff. Just my opinion but I still like his videos too. Thanks so much for everyones help.
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    Thanks so much guys. I finally got it set up where I can log into the routers but I have been seriously thinking of just going through the Danscourses for now. I like the way that he uses a hands on approach through everything. I will probably add the exam max tests from Boson that I have also.
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