Need Advice for starting a Career in IT

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Basically, what I would like to know is if I can start a career in IT with just Certifications, or do I need a degree?
If I do need a degee, must it be a Bachelors?

My situation, more specifically...

Im 22 and I have obtained an Assoicates in Applied Science from a local community college. Since I graduated High School, I have been trying to decide what I want to do as a career.
This fall I attended a University to pursue a degree in Computer Science, but I found that I did not have an interest in all the math and theortical stuff I would need to learn.

I have considered switching to a Information Technology degree at this University, however, this degree would require me to take another 70 - 80 credits (which is obviously time comsuming and costly).

I am also considering going back to my community college, as they offer an "Advanced Certificate" in IT and also an Associates in Applied Science paired with IT. This would be far cheaper and take less time, but I am conserned that it might not a great enough level education for employers to consider hiring.

Lastly, I have been browsing the web about this subject. Have found some sources claiming that the Ceritifications are more significant for getting into the field and that you can use these to get an entry level job, and start gaining experience.

Any advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated,
Thank You


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    Since you already have a 2 year degree and some initial training on computers, my suggestion would be to start with your Cisco CCT Routing & Switching, then move up to your CCENT and CCNA. You've really got to read the questions carefully, Cisco loves to play word games and give you a list of multiple choice answers where two answers could be right, depending on the exact context. [HTML][/HTML]

    For jobs, start by looking for desktop support jobs. Lots of companies are reimaging from XP to 7 (even now), or they are getting in all new computers to replace their old ones. Someone has to image them, set them up, deal with the end users, and handle service tickets. That's a good start in IT. And while you're doing that, talk to people who have been in IT for a while and get their advice on what to study and do. If there are any datacenters near you, make a few calls and gather intelligence on IT jobs to shape your future training.
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    Neither are "needed" to land an entry level job, but not having them would make it a lot harder. Experience tends to trump all, but having a BA/BS will make it much easier to get past HR filters and get your foot in the door. Certs are great, but without practical experience to back it up they're possibly < a completed degree. That being said, I got my first job with an AS in Business and a CCNA along with a healthy list of pseudo-work like volunteering, a home lab, and a history of build and break/fix. The job I got had a "requirement" of a BA/BS and 1-3 years experience, but because it's not a large business and few applicants a human actually looked at every application and resume. Had it been an automated HR system, I might not have made it past the HR filters.

    My advice would be to not stop schooling, even if it's one class a semester, but at the same time try to find that entry level job that will give you the experience needed to move up.
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    I would skip the Cisco CCT and go straight for CCENT/CCNA.

    I recommend the CompTIA trifecta to begin to give a nice overview of computing. When you're doing these three focus on the material but make notes of what part of IT you enjoy the most. Then research certifications in that area.

    You also need to start moving into an IT job. The experience will help.

    Lastly, try transferring your Associate's and start looking at a Bachelor's will get you far.

    A good mix of Experience, College, and Certificates will land a decent job.
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    Thanks guys.
    This was a big help
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