Need help on a CCNA assignment

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Hey I am having trouble on the first part of this assignment (Part a). Keep in mind I will need to make this network in packet tracer. So far I have found these 2 subnets for /8
1st subnet /22 /22
2nd subnet /22 /22
However, the next part says i need to not only make subnets for the buildings but the point-point link on the router as well. I am a bit confused what I am suppose to do here. I believe I need to make 2 subnets for the buildings again but, I'm not sure what ip address I would use for the point-point. Would I use any ip address in the 2 subnets or do i need to use a network address. From my understanding point-point would mean the serial ports that connect the routers together.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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