Structured course for Network+?

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I'm eager to start studying for the Net+ exam, and I bought Meyers' book, but I don't do well with self-paced learning. I need a structured curriculum with deadlines.

I registered for a networking course at my local community college, based on their claim that the course would prepare me for the exam. I then discovered that the textbook (Dean's Network+ Guide to Networks, 6th ed.) covers N10-005.

I searched for other online community college courses, but didn't turn up anything. Does anyone know of a good online course that will prepare me for N10-006, that's not self-paced?

Edit: I should add that I'm not looking for an accelerated cram course. I work full time, and I may work on the Linux+ simultaneously, so I think a course length of about 8 to 16 weeks would be ideal.


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    I would suggest you do not work on both simultaneously, pick one, and own it, then move on to the next. Myers has two books for N10-006, an all in one, and the Passport (more concise). Combine Myers book with Professor Messers videos for the N10-006. Keep checking this forum for other ideas. Best of luck to you.
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    Network+ Prep Course at Global Knowledge

    Add "Live Online" and "Classroom" to your search and you'll see a few (expensive) options. If the local community college doesn't have it, maybe a 4 year school's adult education program might. Worth a shot anyway.

    PS Network+ is like a giant kiddie pool. Wide as far as the eye can see and about a foot deep. Just look at the exam objectives for N10-006 and you'll see just how much is covered.
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    Professor Messer -- FREE - HE IS AWESOME - $20 for Study exam is worth it.
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