How do I start preparing for Security+ Exam

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I am planning to give Security+Exam. How hard is the exam? Where I can find the exam questions and material to study?




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    How do you get started? You just gotta do it :) I have a couple certs and I found that once you schedule a date, you tend to buckle down and get it done. it can be a couple months from now, but schedule a date.

    I am currently studying for the Sec+. The first thing you need to do is read over this objectives page and kind of gauge what you think you will need to study most. Download a copy of the objectives from

    This book seems to be the most popular and the best reviewed. everyone seems to like how similar the practice tests are very close to the real thing. comptia-security-deluxe-study-guide-emmett-dulaney

    I also use CBT Nuggets, which I love. there is a 7 day free trial if you don't want to do a subscription. I recommend getting it to use for future certs.
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    SY0-401 is a beast exam. a lot of topics to cover. I went to school and studied for 2 months with 3 study guides (NH school, Gibson, CBT). then I went through the course objectives line by line
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    To prepare for this exam or any Comptia exam, download the objectives as already recommended.
    All Comptia exams recommend that the candidate has experience, please reference their recommendations, typically they prefer 500 hours worth of experience. For those lacking experience, lab-ing and job shadowing, as well as a bunch of study have helped them be successful.

    However, if you are seeking out 'test' it may be implied by the type of post you made, this is NOT the forum for you. Feel free to ask for content clarification in our forums, but do not ask our members to violate their NDA nor ask for test answers. That is unprofessional.
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    There are a ton of books out there and most generally will do the job. The book by Gibson is usually highly rated, CBT nuggets always has quality content, and youtube has some videos. Boson usually has a pretty good practice simulator (can be expensive though). As said, download the exam objectives and know exactly what you need to study. For Security+ it's not really rocket science like other exams can be...simply read, watch videos, use simulators, and sit for the exam. With that being said you should have a decent understanding of how networks work but the exam is entry-level so you don't need to be a master.
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    Been a few years since I sat this one but def use Darril Gibson book, I also used a couple of others from Exam Cram and Passport. I'd have to say from experience it was one of the harder exams and make sure you thoroughly read up and cover all the objectives after printing them from CompTIA. Once you have the objectives list, tick and flick each off as you go through, this way you are assured that much of the exam content is well covered, you will also find some practice test questions on their website to get a feel for the exam.

    Hope this is useful :)
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