Anyone have an opinion on this study material for the 210-260 exam?

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Anyone have an opinion on this study material for the 210-260 exam?

Considering it, but just want to see if others have used it and what their experiences have been. I'm hoping to use it alongside GNS3, but I just don't know if thats possible .....


  • hawk554hawk554 Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I tried a few different sellers, but none would ship these to the US. Didn't know they released this material for the new exam yet.
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    Emulate an ASA on GNS3 and practice. ( but do not run asdm, I consider ASDM is useless to start learning Firewalls)
    Udemy CCNA Security Videos, they are cheap and very nice.
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    I am going to pick this one up through CiscoPress next time they have a nice deal. Usually they'll have something like 40% off if you buy 3 items and even better deals on holidays, and that's when I stock up on books. I think this book is your one and only option for lab workbooks because there is nothing else for CCNA Security.
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    I built a lab to go through this book. I deemed GNS3 too broken to bother trying to use it although some people love it. I'm still only a few pages into this book to really have an opinion on it yet. Hopefully get some more time at the weekend.
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