CISSP Pass 1/6/2016

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Today I passed the CISSP exam. I studied for about 3 months and have about 10 years progressive IT experience, with 1 year in an Infosec role.

Materials used:
  • Threat Modeling by Adam Shostack
  • Eric Conrad 2nd Edition (before the new one was out)
  • Sybex Guide
  • Eric Conrad 11th hour
  • CCCure training videos
  • CCCure practice tests
  • Sybex practice tests
  • Cybrary Videos.
I liked the Conrad 2E book the best. The Sybex guide had everything I needed.

I struggled with the CCCure video training, it was too lengthy for my taste. The '' site questions were good, but far too technical compared to my exam experience. The Sybex questions were spot-on. I was scoring on average 80-90% between CCCure and Sybex exams. I did about 1500 CCCure questions and all of the Sybex questions.

I really liked the Cybary videos. Kelly was great!

The whole exam process from check in to results was about 2 hours for me. I agree with other assessments, this is not a memorization exam, it's a practical application exam with a focus on management. This was my first attempt

Next up is OSCP.
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