Passed CISSP 01/09

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Just completed exam.
full write up after sometime :D


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    Congrats!!! Great job! icon_smile.gif

    How long did you study for this exam?
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    I passed too today on my first attempt :D. I studied for about 2-3 weeks for 3-4 hours a day. I used the following materials:

    Official (ISC)²® Guide to the CISSP® CBK®, Fourth Edition
    Sybex/Wiley CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 7th Edition
    Practice Tests at

    The Sybex book at companion practice tests were my main resources. I also have the Shon Harris books, but I didn't use them in my prep.

    I have 15 years experience and also have CISM and CEH V8, so I already had knowledge/experience in the field, which definitely helped with the short prep time.
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    Congrats on the pass! Seems like the new Sybex book is a winner.
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    Thanks a lot TechExams. This forum is wonderful, people here are just awesome.

    This is my Second attempt. Last attempt was on Sept 26th Last year. Failed with 691, very narrow miss. During that time only my major preparation was happened. During this attempt, I just recollected the concepts, read the new Sybex book once and my notes along with Transcender practice questions.

    In each attempt I took near 6 hours to complete. 50 questions/hour, and one hour for review. Its a marathon test, be prepared for that.

    Have 6 year experience in Information Security in Web and mobile app security, network security.

    My Major Preparation resources are: I prepared for 4-5 months, 4 hours /day on an average during first attempt.
    1. Shon Harris AIO ( Read 2-3 times) - very detailed verbose
    2. Cybrary (Watched 2-3 times) - very good
    3. McGraw Hill Practice questions - total 1000 questions, did 2-3 times, first time around 70+, next time on wards 80+
    4. CCCure Practice questions - Did 3000+ questions avg 75+
    5. Sybex Book - read once - Its just like point to point, not detailed like Shon Harris. Concept to concept, exam point of view.
    6. Sybex Practice questions - Did all and took two 250 questions exam
    7. Transcender - Did around 800. took one 250 questions.
    8. NIST documents - 10-12 docs. Really helpful, read docs releated to Risk management, BCP, Data remanance, SDLC. In AIO, Sybex only few details we have, here in NIST docs
    9. Shon Harris and Cyrbrary MP3

    During my first attempt itself, I could have passed. After finishing first 50 questions, my confidence levels went down. The questions were very tough and tricky. Due to that, the next questions also I did with less confidence. That's the mistaken have done. During this attempt, I didn't lose my confidence at any point of time. Confidence only helped me.
    Be brave. Be Successful.

    Most of the questions came from Risk assessment, BCP/DRP, Security Assessment. Almost 70-75% from these 3 domain only. Very tricky and well formed. No where you can find those questions in books/practice exams. You have apply your experience or your knowledge on the subject/topic.

    ISC2 with the new syllabus, they are framing questions with latest trend and happening in the industry. I saw questions from Mobile, Cloud, SCADA, and even from baby care center monitoring.

    As most of the people told not even single question comes near to the real exam questions. May be 5-10 questions here and there. You can't even notice those. No direct or simple questions, all are like twisted. You need to read the questions 2-3 times, before you need to understand what exactly they are expecting from you. Around 200 questions will be like this only.

    Thanks all again.

    Next is OSCP :)
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    Congrats, also the preparation were very detail, sure you are very solid right now, in this occasion it was not only to pass the exam, you did way beyond that, congrats again.

    I like when you say "During this attempt, I didn't lose my confidence at any point of time. Confidence only helped me. Be brave. Be Successful."
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