Comptia A+ 220-801 and 220-802.

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I just purchased a Comptia A+ 801 and 802 textbook. I have no experience and no knowledge on computers. Will I be able to pass if I read this 1000+ textbook?


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    If this is the case you need to depend on more books.
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    Professor Messer and I used these resources to pass the 801 and 802 and had no experience in IT (but I was handy and knowledgable with computers). You should know that both of these test have simulation based questions (i.e. presented with a problem you must solve) and there is NO book that covers hands on experience. What I liked about the gtslearning packages i purchased is that it came with a self study lab which allowed you use of virtual machines and problems you had to solve using the virtual machine hardware. It came in handy since I have a mac as opposed to a pc and it let me practice as much as I wanted prior to the test. You don't want to get to the test and freeze and burn a bunch a time on the simulation questions. Thats my advice dude...good can do it ; )
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    I used the Sybex book and then the review guide from Sybex. Coupled with Examcompass it worked well. The most important thing is to understand WHY something works the way it does and not just memorize answers to specific questions.
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    I definitely recommend Professor Messer. I passed both tests with just his videos and study sheets (optional). I was working at a service desk so the hands on stuff and troubleshooting mind set really helped for the 802 but you should be able to pass with just the videos and then the book can only help.
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    Guys, thanks for the response and advice... What is the hardest thing on the 801 exam and 802 exam?

    Are there any questions that need experience of is everything in the study material?
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    Everything should be in your study material. I highly recommend Examcompass, the questions are free and well worth your time.

    I think the hardest thing is just going to depend on person to person. For me taking the 801 it was just the fact that some of the tech you need to know is outdated 10+ years (WTF with the floppy drive love ><)
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    A+, Net+, Sec+ are all foundational certifications that teach you the concepts of the subject. It involves minimal troubleshooting in the simulations and questions, and mainly will test you on the concepts.

    Watch Professor Messer videos or read an A+ books (easier to watch Messer vids).
    Take tons of practice tests (at least 500+ questions). Examcram has a ton from their book, examcompass is a free website, and im sure you can find other practice questions online.

    Its an entry level cert, you don't need experience to pass it. Just know the concepts and what they mean. GL
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    Associate of Science - Computer Information Systems
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    Mike R,

    Thanks man, I'll check it out once I've read the book to stay true to myself before I **** myself and then fail at the exam centre.


    Thanks, that the type of info I would like to hear, so I'll read this book(the 801 section twice) then text myself. If all goes well then I'll take the 802 next. If I fail and the 800 series expires then I'll just move to the 900 series.

    Thanks for all the responses guys, I appreciate it.
  • houdini5150houdini5150 Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□ is another site to practice with

    Review the objectives too.
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    That's a good site, thanks for the help. It is all very very very much appreciated cause failing my Comptia A+ will really push me into doing a really sh*tty job.

    I appreciate it big time, thanks
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