Passed CEH! 2/9/16

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I wanted this cert for a long time. I was slated to take it in March, but I didn't want to put it off any longer, so I changed the date to take it this morning. I trained for a year on and off reading M. Gregg's (2013) book, stopped around Sept. and switched gears and took the CASP (which in my opinion was harder for me) because of the exam update with newer topics incorporated into it. I studied the newest CEH slides, which weren't bad. The exam was pretty straight forward. Without violating the NDA I can't go into specifics: A few things you should study are Risk Management topics (I was surprised by the amount of questions on this), Nmap commands (as expected), How to calculate an Annual Loss Expectancy, U.S. Computer Laws, vulnerabilities discussed in other posts here, etc. What helped the most were the postings here about the CEH, and my University's classes (undergrad cyber security/digital forensics) I used a lot of tools (in kali linux) during my coursework (cyber threats & detection, wireless security, network security, etc.) and knowing what they do and how they work really helped me. I scored 92% in about 45 min or so. I may go for the CCNA R&S or the CISSP next. No matter what cert exam I take, I always leave with my head spinning. So a small break for me and studying will begin again. Thanks to all of you for your wisdom and advice I surely appreciate it.
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    Congrats! update your cert signature!
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    Thanks KMasta! I just did! lol
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    Thanks Cyberguy!
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    Congrats! It is a good cert to have. Regardless if its entry level, it is a good base on the industry of security from an ethical hacker perspective. It could be expensive to some and many will feel cheated or left with a void, but everyone is responsible for how they invest in themselves and the materials to use.

    I will be taking it around April for work requirements. They are paying for it and I have no problem with the material being learned. So will be more than happy to get a CEH :)

    Congrats again! Hope to join you soon!
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    Congratulations. I knew you would pass, you've pop up in every thread here. I know you put the work in so you absolutely deserve it. Well done.

    Have you considered OSCP? I did it after my CEH and it's been great, it really builds on the knowledge you have and allows you to actually use it.
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    Working on: CCSP, definitely, maybe. On the twitters: @mcole1008
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    Thanks Chrisone you will surely join me soon! Thanks Colemic & Brain-D! and Thanks for the kind words Sch1sm, I have been thinking about the OSCP it will certainly test me on my hands on experience finding vulnerabilities it sounds like an exciting challenge and I will definitely look into it!
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    Congratz bro :)!
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    Killer job...... 45 min and a 92 is outstanding. You should look for a harder cert ..... seeing how you did such a good job on this one.

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    Thanks all, and yes no_nerd, I think I do need something more challenging, I am looking into the OSCP as well.
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    Congrats! With all the drama surrounding this exam recently it's nice to see some "I passed" threads.
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    You all give me hope!
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    What version did you take?
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    What version did you take?

    Uh oh, not this again. I took the most current version...which does not have a version number (it's just the CEH now)
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    Congrats Im working on the cert as well and with some luck/hard work Ill pass end of April or so, Ive been studying on and off too but as of late been ramping up. Good luck in your future certs!
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    Congrats! My test is Saturday!
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    emilyanncr wrote: »
    Congrats! My test is Saturday!

    Thanks and good luck Emily, let us know on your pass!
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