Did Not pass Security+ prep for re-take

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I just took the Sec+ this week and did not pass it with a score of 685. Very disappointed in myself as I work in IT and studied on/off over the past several months. Not sure where i went wrong. I did the CBT Nuggets (Keith Barker), the CertMaster Comptia, various books as well as Professor Messer. I was not prepared at all for the SIM questions and those caught me by surprise. I do have a copy of Darrill Gibsons Get Certified Get Ahead in PDF format but did not take the opportunity to read and or follow his study links. Could someone chime in, if that was a mistake and also any advice on how best to prepare for the sim questions that came at the first of the test? I thankfully bought the Deluxe package so I have a free re-take which i plan to do next month. Just really disappointed in myself as truly believed I was going to do much better.


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    Be positive that's all I can say. I have yet to take my first attempt but many members have suggested Darril's study materials. I have purchased his study guide and study package. He includes some sim questions in his study package. Although I have a feeling Darril's questions will be a lot easier than the actual Comptia exam, I feel like they give you a deep understanding of the topics and are probably closest to the actual exam as members have described here. Did you do well on the multiple choice questions at least? So the exam wasn't difficult but the sims caught you off guard? How many sims did you have?
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    Get the online study for Darril Gibson. Practice tests 'almost' like the real one with simulations that you can practice on. I passed my second time because of that resource.
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    @ephoria4u.... i did do pretty well on the multiple choice but beware to learn the acronyms. Some of the multiple choice used lots of acronyms off the beaten path i felt even if you work in IT? Maybe if you have a strong Networking background maybe not so? It was 68 questions and i finished with about 8 mins left of the 90 mins. Thanks for the reply
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    I have heard that and failed to follow through ...i really need to do some labs but just not easy to do without proper extra equipment. I guess there are some virtuals labs though. Glad you passed at least on the second attempt.
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    Keep pushing bro .....just keep trying you will get it.!icon_thumright.gif. just study for and prepare for those sims.
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    Thank you Greg sir. Like the verse at the bottom of your post. Appreciate the vote of confidence
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    Don't let it get to you too much. It is a far more difficult exam than I gave it credit for. As far as the simulations go- remember what you had to do and find the correlating chapter in Gibsons's book and hammer that thing. Then take you test read-out on what you missed and go over those again. You already know what to expect this time around so no surprises- you got this.
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    Thanks Fulcrum that looks like excellent advice. Just trying to get a feel of what everyone was experiencing especially anyone who may not have conquered it the first time. Thanks much icon_smile.gif
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    Best of luck for next time!
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    happyend98 wrote: »
    I have heard that and failed to follow through ...i really need to do some labs but just not easy to do without proper extra equipment. I guess there are some virtuals labs though. Glad you passed at least on the second attempt.

    Yeah about the acronyms, for some reason it's a big deal on exams. If you purchase the Darril online study package, it has flash cards that help you remember important topics for the exams. He also has some sim questions. Maybe that would help.
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