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'sup yall,

I've been willing to get cert over a plenty amount of time but never in fact did get started. I've been working with IT for 4 years now and I've had some hefty start working for a big IT/TV company. After a few contracts, my carrer and skills stalled. In the past year I've enrolled myself into college education.

I want to start transitioning into infosec and I've decided Network+ is the best vendor neutral way to go. I've also started learning by myself because I have a full time job at bussiness hours and take college classes at night. Because of shitty public transit (I live in Brazil), I get home by 1:00 a.m. and have to be up by 5:30 a.m. leaving me with a hectic study schedule. icon_sad.gif

I'd REALLY like your best advices when it comes to getting certified.

What a first timer should face when conditioning himself for such an exam? How does one manage such a hectic schedule? What is your source material? What piece of advice do you have to offer to me?

I'm studying by Michael Meyer's All-In-One CompTIA Exam Guide: Exam N10-006 for some time now.

Any comment is appreciated!


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    Bump for answers.
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    Listening to audio and video bits is helpful to me. Play these things in the background while you're doing other things (walking to and from classes, riding the transit, etc.). CBT Nuggets (https://www.cbtnuggets.com) is a great certification training site in my opinion. They have tons of videos and things that will help you remember some objectives for the cert. I believe they offer a free trial, but after that you'll have to pay for it. But, if you plan on taking quite a few certs then it'll be well worth it for sure. Good luck!
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    I am currently using Mike Myers Udemy course and its amazing!
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    2nd the Mike Meyers Udemy courses. Very cheap too. I paid $15 for the whole course. I think it is up to $24 now.
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    Check out the Professor Messer videos and the Cybrary.it materials. They have mp3 at the Cybrary site that you can download and listen to on your ride to and from work/school.
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