Passed N10-006 Today on 2nd Attempt!

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. I've been a lurker for quite some time but felt like I had to sign up to share my experience with taking this exam.

I read the Mike Meyers All-In-One Exam Guide (Sixth Edition) front to back which took me about 4 months. I also took very concise notes, watched ALL the Professor Messer N10-006 Network+ videos and took (and scored well on) EVERY practice test on Exam Compass (I think there is 22 of them). In addition I also did the practice exams that came on the CD with the Mike Meyers book and passed with flying colors. I took my time studying for this and felt confident that I would do very well on the exam but to my dismay I failed my first attempt. Where I went wrong was wasting too much time on the PBQs in the beginning. By the time I was finished trying to figure those out (they're a lot simpler than they appear to be) I had about 35-40 mins left to finish the multiple choice - basically the last 5 mins or so I was just clicking answers so I could finish in time and not leave anything blank.

I took it again today and passed with a 747 {do not discuss your exam with our members]

In conclusion, you can know your stuff and still not pass this test. Don't be discouraged if you fail the first attempt - a lot of people do. Also bear in mind it is MUCH more difficult than then Net+ exams that came before it (i.e. N10-004 & 005). Do your best and good luck!

P.S. you can find exam vouchers on ebay for $200-$225. Much cheaper than paying full price.


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    Congrats on passing. [clean-up - do not ask members to violate their NDA]
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    Thanks! {edit - I cannot discuss my exam specifics on this site, nor can the other members please do not ask}

    . I think failing the first time was a blessing in disguise as it gave me an idea of how the test is structured and enabled me to get through the PBQs much faster so I could take my time with the multiple choice the 2nd time around. If there are voucher options that allow you to do a free retake I highly recommend it.
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    Congrats!!! icon_thumright.gif Anything planned next?!
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    Thank you! CCENT/CCNA is up next. I'm aiming to have it hopefully by the end of 2016.
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif

    Good luck on your next cert pursuits
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    Unfortunately I failed my first time too just recently.

    {edit - do not discuss your exam on this site}
    . I've studied those and as well as gone over the areas it said I was weak on.
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    Congrats. I also recently passed on 2nd attempt and felt like the exam tested more of my reading comprehension than knowledge of the material.
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    Congrats! Way to go!
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    (Clean up comments asking OP for information on their exam violating their NDA)
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    Good stuff, well done :)
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    Congrats! hope to be joining your very soon.
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