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Hi All,

First of all let me thank you to all who posted their experience and strategies to get through this exam. I passed on my first attempt icon_cheers.gif

I had the benefit of passing the CASP exam in December which was a great help also.

My learning strategy was always a little bit different, but it might help one or the other of you getting through the exam:

Here is what i used:

Books: CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide: Edition 7


Google: Embrace and use it.

So what did i do different ?

I learned actually backwards. I started first with CCCure, which i found to be an excellent pool of sample questions. It handles all 8 domain specific topics, let you run the quizzies in test and study mode and you can define how many questions you want in a quiz.

The Questions/Topics i couldn't answer i wrote down and read up on them after the quiz. I solely kept on repeating exactly this behavior to get ready.

When i started i was in the 70% range and brought it up to the consistent 90% before i signed up for the exam.

A small complaint i would have about CCCure. Some (a small %) of the CCCure questions are way to deep in technology. The CISSP is definitively a one mile wide 10 inch deep certification, when it comes to technology.

As an Example: An IP Header has a value of 17. What value does it reflect. (The answer would be UDP) but i have not encountered a single deep technical question during my exam.

Experience helps!
I have almost 14 years of experience in 6 domains. Some more some less. But i would state here that i wouldn't have passed without having the experience.

I would have rated my test roughly as followed:

55% Question - Poor knowledge, be the walking dictionary and your absolutely acing this part
40% Question - Experience;
5% Questions - Questions which are in my humble opinion phrased too broad to give a single answer. Use again Experience and best judgment

Good luck all


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