Passed 3rd Attempt - 2/23/16 FINALLY :)

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FINALLY.. after 3 tries !!!!! Finally able to post my PASSED thread..

First off, i thank GOD!!!! a big HALLELUJAH!!! the test was gruelling and had to pray on most of the questions only coz i didn't feel confident with a lot of them.. GOD is awesome what can i say, Prayer actually works. Second, i thank my family for putting up with me these past 11 months, i tell you, the 2 fails really made me feel like i let my family down, but i didn't give up and kept going, i figured, i will eventually get it, just had to re-focus. Lastly, i Thank ALL of you here in T.E. who inspired, encouraged, shared wisdom, and just kept folks like myself going.

Referring to similar threads that i basically followed and emulated, thanks to Stamford , puttar and a lot of you who inspired and kept me going, special shout out to ericrrr, djasonslick who i still on their way to getting theirs.. there's a famous speech by Jimmy V ''don't ever give up" is i guess how i want to summarize my journey... i tell you when you finally slay this monster of a test, it's all gonna be worth it, i haven't hardly slept for 2 days after due to adrenaline and sheer ecstasy :)

What i've tried differently;
1. Went to a different test center, just to change the vibe (obviously worked)
2. Also schedule in the afternoon (2PM) instead of previous 2 attempts at (8AM), really worked out since i had time to focus and do a little review in the morning
3. since Nov just hit practice tests: cccure, transcender, Sybex online (previous to that i read the Shon Harris book, Sybex 7th Ed, 11th Hour, Cybrary videos, Shon Harris audio during my drive)
4. Took a week off before my test to hone in on weak domains that showed up during my practice tests (that really helped out as well since i was able to focus)

To summarize... don't give up.. keep working, pray and believe you will get it. Your work plus God's Grace will see you through.

Thanks again everyone.. off to endorsement icon_lol.gif



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