IRQ Numbers

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Hey all,
I am trying to find a list of the typical IRQ number that devices use, in order to study for the A+ core exam. In my A+ books, they only show what goes on ports 0-7
0-system clock
2-reserved (used to route 9-15)
3-Com 2 (and 4)
4-Com 1 (and 3)
6-Floppy Disk Controller
8-15 I have no idea!

The reason I asking for this information is because my book offers 0-7, but alot of my measureup questions and other quizes ask for 9-15
(Ex- "Which IRQ port does the Math Co-Processer use?")

I figured that I could just jump into my Device Manager to view the IRQ's in the "View by resource" view. The only problem with that is that it is my system only. On one site it shows IRQ 10 as the NIC, and on mine it's my SMBus.

If anyone has any type of table showing a list of each IRQ port with the devices that correspond to it... I would be ever so greatful!



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