I take the test tomorrow morning. What's your best last-minute tip(s)?

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I've studied for the last two weeks; perhaps not as hard as I could or should have, but I passed the CISSP in 2007 and am only retaking it because I let it lapse a few years back.

I've been doing pretty badly on practice tests because the questions are confusing and interpreted strangely, but I've been doing system security work for the last 10 years so I shouldn't be much worse off than the last time. So far my weakest stuff is knowing every little acronym or who was responsible for which ISO or that CMM has 5 levels instead of 6 (or other stupid things I could easily look up online if I ever actually needed them).

The advice I've heard so far is:
  • Take it from the perspective of a manager/ information security professional.
  • Don't bother marking questions you have full confidence in the answer or NO confidence (no point in spending time on complete guesses).
  • If a question has more than one right answer, pick the one that would be true in any extremes or all cases rather than only some.
  • Be VERY careful of words like NOT or EXCEPT so you don't answer the opposite.
My last minute study plan is to watch Cybrary and other videos to just hear and see someone explain the same information I've been studying.


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