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Can you tell me what is
- LAN to LAN
- LAN to WAN
- WAN to WAN
- WAN to LAN

*If got any video, kindly provide the link.


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    This question is really vague. If you could elaborate, that would go a long way to helping you out.
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    Actually I heard that some of companies use this LAN to LAN, LAN to WAN, WAN to WAN, WAN to LAN connections and I don't know the function of it. That's why I need some basic explanation of LAN to LAN, LAN to WAN, WAN to WAN, WAN to LAN connections. With the basic explanation, it's useful for my knowledge.
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    Do you know what a LAN is? How about a WAN?
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    I think Priston was on the right track for you. It appears what you are referring to is more of a consumer network thing, and not a commercial / enterprise network thing.
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    I've not heard these terms before, and Google isn't being very helpful. But I would assume that these are all kinds of connections between networks.

    Which makes me think there is a router, since routers are normally the border between networks. So, then for LAN I think of typical LAN technologies like ethernet and 802.11, so a LAN to LAN would be a router that had (for example) two ethernet connections. It might also be a connection between two VLAN, so could exist logically within a switch. I'd expect something like this within a campus network.

    WAN technologies are things like WWAN technologies or EFM or fibre to the premises or DSL. So a LAN to WAN connection would be something that connects these two different kinds of networks, something as simple as a home cable modem or 4G WiFi hotspot. I'd expect something like this at the campus network edge, where you go from an on premise network to an ISP, for example.

    WAN to WAN would be a connection between two of these networks. So, it might be between the cable and backhaul networks, or from a WWAN 3G link to backhaul microwave link. I think of these as primarily existing with the Service Provider cloud.

    WAN to LAN is going to be the same as LAN to WAN just seen from the other side.
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