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A friend and I recently applied for a job at Geek Squad, and I am wanting to know what kind of questions I can expect at the interview. I applied for the consultation agent which handles check in/check out. I hold the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification and have 11 months previous work experience at the local movie theater with 2 months as a supervisor.


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    You will find that most of the questions are customer service oriented. Such as, "describe a time when you had an irate customer. How did you turn the experience around?" You can also go to and look for sample questions.
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    I have not interviewed with Geek Squad, but I worked at BBY Corporate in their IT center supporting the retail stores. From my interactions with Geek Squad, you do not need to have a wealth of knowledge (I do not mean that in a condescending way- I am a newb and don't know much, either!) It sounds very customer service based. I imagine for any troubleshooting you will do you will have a knowledge base. Focus on your soft skills and come prepared with examples from your past experiences.

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    I was a vendor for Best Buy, a subcontractor for Intel. Basically I come in every weekend and stand at one of the new interactive displays. Example, the Intel Real Sense Computer that was newly arrived. I was assigned to two stores to go stand for a few hours every weekend. I did not stand at the display like I was in formation in the Army. But, I walked around shot the breeze, talked, and a little networking. First and foremost, from my experience and from talking to a multitude of "blue shirts" and geek squad employees at different stores it's very competitive. Why is it competitive? Well, because they get a significant discount off of the merchandise inside of the store. I was hearing stories of the Black Friday deals and how they got X amount all of sale items.

    I have had more than one person tell me the benefits outweighed the salary. Granted the salary isn't much to toot a horn at. From being in various stores I would suggest going to Best Buy and grabbing one of those price sheets (not sure if it's online). That will give you a ball park of what services they do, and you can research what's needed to complete those tasks. Example, removal of a virus on a laptop. I stood there with a white polo (only person with a white polo in the entire store) and people asked me questions like i (directly) worked for Best Buy. Being who I am I answered and steered them in the right direction. I said that to say this, just because you're in one department doesn't mean you won't get asked questions pertaining to another department.

    I will reiterate, getting with Best But I feel is competitive. The locations I worked at had individuals with degrees (certs) or/and college students finishing degrees. So, they had some sort of competitive bullet or paragraph to put on the resume. All that said, you're in Tennessee. I had the time so I googled locations, it's not a great deal of Best Buys in that area. So I would make sure I brought my A game. Usually when it's only one store within a 25 mile radius they are more picky about who they hire and let inside of the circle
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    I interviewed there maybe 8-9 years ago so I'm not sure how different it may be now. This was when I first got my A+. I don't remember many technical questions pertaining to computer repair. I do remember being asked general customer services questions like how I would react to certain situations with customers. They also wanted to make sure I was comfortable with helping out in other departments like trying to sell TV's or sweeping floors.
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