Passed 220-802 today! I'm A+ certified.

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Just wanted to share with you all, that I have finally joined the certification club.
It's been many years in the making and I've rarely pursued it with any actual motivation, but this time was different.
I was finally able to schedule the exams and I passed them both on the 1st attempt, passing the 802 this afternoon.

I also wanted to say that the 802 was very difficult for me. I'm not sure if it was the question pool or if it was because I was insanely nervous, but I took a lot more time, reviewed every single question (changed a few answers), and passed by a much smaller margin than I did with the 801.

801 score 799, needed 675 to pass
802 score 737, needed 700 to pass

Anyway, thanks to those who have helped me over the years by posting your experiences, advice and technical knowledge on this forum.

So, what's next on the agenda for me? Most likely the CompTIA Network+, as my degree is focused on networking, but I've not really pursued that line of work. Maybe now is the time to change that? We'll see what the future holds.


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    congratulation bro ... well done , I just ordered a book for A+.
    Any advice?? do i need a lab?
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    Sweet! Good luck on Network+
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    Im currently about 3/4 through professor messers 801 series. Of course I'll be using other resources after that, would you say it's possible for me to get the certification before the June 30 deadline? I'm studying 2-3 hours a day and 5-6 hours on weekends. I have pass experience in building a pic but that's about it and I'm a fast learner (if not, average).
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    Congrats, we scored the same on the 802.
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    Thank you.

    That said... No, you don't need a lab, but any hands-on "real world" experience you have or can gain will be useful.
    It really depends on how you learn... Do you learn visually (seeing/video)? Physically (touching/doing)? By hearing (audio/lecture)? Or by reading (theory)? Find what works for you, and stick with it.

    My best advice to anyone considering this or any exam is to study and don't underestimate the exam(s).
    I had very little trouble with the 801 (as reflected by my score), because I'm generally good with hardware. I'm more a physical learner and hardware is naturally what I'm good with.

    Software on the other hand, despite "real world" experience, is still difficult for me at times. I would not say I was "cocky" by any means, but the 802 definitely surprised me in terms of difficulty and many questions "threw me for a loop", so to speak (again, as reflected by my score).

    So in summary, focus more on your weakness, rather it be hardware or software. Don't neglect either, but certainly put more time into what you know less about and are less comfortable with.

    Good luck.
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    By the way, Professor Messer is a great resource.
    Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses

    I used his videos and his **** sheets for my A+.
    I will definitely use them for the Network+ as well.

    But I also suggest investing in a book or two.
    ExamCram is great, but any major A+ book you find on Amazon or Barnes & Noble will likely do the job.
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    Congrats! I think you'll get Network+ done this year no problems and then who knows.
    mustafa86m wrote: »
    congratulation bro ... well done , I just ordered a book for A+.
    Any advice?? do i need a lab?

    If you are looking for a career in IT, and want to pursue a few certifications, then A+ is as good a time as any to start with a lab. It doesn't need to be complex. Two computers and a network switch and a modem is more than enough. You probably have most of this already.

    If you don't have two computers, then any cheap desktop is ok. You can usually pick up a usable computer on eBay for under $50.

    Desktops are better, since you can open them up and easily see all the components. Building your own computer is also great practice, since you will need to look up which motherboard and which CPU for that motherboard and what kind of RAM and graphics, hard drives, SSDs etc.

    As your studies progress, you can add more bits and pieces.

    As for the best way to study, that depends on you to a degree, what you already know, how motivated/disciplined you are, how well you study, how much time and money you have etc etc.

    I'd encourage you to explore a variety of resources, online videos, online courses, books, community college, audio, labbing etc. Usually these things complement each other, it also allows you to learn what kind of study works best for you, so that as you progress you will be able to use the best things for you.
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