MCSA or NET+ ?

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some of the net+ topics are included in the first course of mcsa.
so should i start directly with mcsa without taking net+ ?
i have basic knowledge of networking and i'm a 2 years experienced in technical support engineer.


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    Take the Net+ and use it as a basis for some of the MCSA stuff. The N+ is a good jump off for a couple of mid level certs. So it serves as a good basis, and you'll see some of it, (encryption, authentication) but Microsoft goes A LOT further.
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    I have the A+, Net+, and Security+ and I found that having taken all of them before the 70-410 (first exam in the MCSA 2012 path) helped me tremendously. A lot, if not all of my study materials already assumed I had the fundamentals from the aforementioned exams. It's certainly not a requirement by any means, but I think you'll be a lot happier by taking the Net+ before attempting the MCSA.
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    okay thank you guys i think i'm going to start with the net+ first
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    I am a veteran of certification and a hiring manager... I agree Net+ is the first cert then start the MCSA. Good luck.

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    As others have said, net+ would be good to take first and then MCSA. This will help with things like subnetting and VPN
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