After a year, my job search is finally over

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I am extremely happy to say that after a year of searching and around 10 interviews, I finally received an offer and it wouldnt have been possible if it wasnt for my decision to finish my degree. The company saw I am nearing completion and waived the intial degree requirement!

Out of 43 applicants and 13 interviews, they picked me and it feels fantastic. I am moving up from desktop support to full sys admin doing server builds, managing SQL, SANs, doing virtualization and deploying servers in the field for data collection and analysis.

My knowledge of infrastructure is moderate but limited to theoretical concepts with minor operational experience. Expressing my desire to learn and grow in the interview was crucial for my consideration. They expressed that they liked my attitude and were impressed with my educational achievements thus far. It is very important to carry yourself well in interviews - dont stutter and be confident! Confidence exhibits that you know what you are doing.

This job nets me an extra 18k a year and I even get a TS clearance which is a huge deal in my area. Going from desktop to infrastructure has been the most difficult task for me - MUCH harder than getting my intial break into IT, suprisingly. I feel now that I can finally have some upward mobility over the years and I think that it will be all downhill from here.
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