CompTIA A+ 901 - 902

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I have plenty of experience in IT but the stress is always the same, before taking any kind of exams.

I knew plenty of the hardware material that's included in A+ but not in such depth as the exams forced me to go into.

Today I passed 901 with a score of 892/900 . Is it worth it? yes it is.. because you discover things you though you knew but you never really bother to learn.

I used Professor Messer Videos, Mike Meyers Book A+ 9th Edition, and random tests i found online most of them for 801.

What I didn't like was the way the questions are written. It doesn't only test your knowledge but it tests your ability to solve puzzles. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif I really found hard to solve one simulation because of the way they were asking it. Not only was not clear, but the way it was written it was very confusing... anyway...

Started reading for 902 and I cross my fingers for a second nice result like this one.



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    What are the online exams you took and how similar are they to te actual test? Im getting ready to test here soon too and want to be fully prepared.
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    You will pass 902 easy with that score. Good job!
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    Thank you guys,

    I used the tests from examcompass and I didn't stop doing the tests till I score minimum 90%. They will sure help u to understand a lot of things and then with some thinking to solve all the simulations and questions in the exam.

    My advice is... sit down learn all the objectives from the test as everyone are saying.. you won't be disappointed because in the end of the day.. you will be the only one that gained something from it... and even if they characterize this exam as entry level, well it's the basis of everything.

    Without it, you will be uncompleted. You may know how to build computers but you don't know what each item does in depth..this is what this exam trying to do.

    Wish you good luck everyone... and to my self for 902!
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    Congrats on the pass, great score!!! Best of luck for the 902.
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    Thanks for your reply and Good luck on the 902!
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    I am really trying to find simulations for 902 but I can't find any... And I have no Idea of what a software simulation can be? Format drives? fix mbr etc? something else? There is nothing online that can give an idea of what that should be... I mean.. not the solution but at least what kind.. for example for 901 from examcompass the components matching etc were close to the simulations... for 902?
  • ChrisLEGRChrisLEGR Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Officialy Certified - Passed 902 today 880/900 ...

    Thanks to Professor Messer, Mike Meyers for his book, and my guts that handle to sit in that chair of terror...( it's always like that while taking exams :D)
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    congrats on the pass!
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    I'm taking the 902 this Friday. Any advice going in?
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    I can't tell you about the exam material but ...

    Learn good all about partitions/hard disks and howto, the antivirus/malware differences, and the security stuff.. also learn the differences between OS.

    Good Luck Gomack!
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