Passed Security+

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Passed Security+ this afternoon after two months of rigorous studying. This was the single most hardest exam I've ever taken, never have experienced anything like this.

I would estimate at least 35% of the content was not covered in the objectives or any materials, and, at least 40% of the exam involved best guessing where the question was structured in such complexity that it was hard to decipher what the question was exactly asking.

Simulations were easy and straightforward, questions were structured directly but of-course you needed to know the answer to correctly answer them.

I used the following material for studying:

1. Get my feet wet with CBT Nuggets SY0 401, I watched all the videos, made notes and used this as a resource to only get my feet wet with the content needed for the Security+ exam. I would not advise using this as your only resource.

2. CompTIA Security+ SY0401 Academic edition by David L. Prowse; this was very high quality and was my main resource to study from.

3. Professor Messer videos - lacking in a lot of ways, only used to further cement or supplement existing study information.

Very hard exam! lol


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