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trying to study Cisco nexus switch and ASA. Also want to learn Visio. I need to learn how to use GNS3 and Wireshark.
Also want to do some Cisco lab.
Is CBT Nuggets worth it to purchase a year subscription?


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    Does CBT Nuggets manage to meet all your training objectives yes:



    GNS3 Fundamentals, with ASA

    CCNA Labs Using Wireshark

    MS Visio 2013

    Some of these courses haven't been refreshed in 1-2 years so the information can be somewhat outdated. However, if you goal is to train and you are planning to take each of these courses in a years time - I would say CBTNuggets is worth it. As most of us here acknowledge, there is no one-step solution to passing a certification. So if you plan on sitting for any of the associated exams, you will need more than CBTNuggets to pass.
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    CBT Nuggets is one of, if not the best, video training out there. It is however very expensive $1000 for the year. I have used CBT nuggets for my CCNA and the quality and instructions was great. My employer paid for the account. I am on the fence about if I would purchase it my self or use one of the cheaper options out there.

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    Look at pluralsight too. I was a cbtnuggets guy and love Jeremy as a trainer but Pluralsight has all the trainsignal stuff and cost 299/year or 30/month. It's worth doing the free trial of both and deciding which you want.
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    If you can afford it, Nuggets is a great training provider. Some of their stuff can get a bit dry, depending on who is doing the material. Keith is absolutely awesome though.
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    Don't forget INE!

    Great material
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    TacoRocket wrote: »
    Don't forget INE!

    Great material

    I haven't seen their CCNA material, but their CCNP material is really good.
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