CompTIA Security+ Supplement for no experience?

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I'm a graduate student completing my last semester this December in MS Cyber Security. I have my B.S in Computer Programming and Information System. I’m currently interested in InfoSec certificates. I recently completed the CEH Study Guide book, but given the discrepancy with the exam being change; I decided to study for CompTIA Security+. Location: NYC.

I have 0 experience in the security field, but have 4 years experience in Networking and Help Desk Administration combined. I was expose to certain areas of security, but it was not my main job detailed.


Most security jobs requires some form of experience within the security field. I’m wandering would a compTIA Security+ certificate help supplement my lack of work experience within the security industry?
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    Having Security+ will help but it's not going to replace experience. A lot of people pass Security+ without a lot of experience but two years working in the field is so different because it gives you a lot of the practical knowledge.

    Let's put it another aren't going to get real good jobs without getting certifications so take the exam because that shows you have entry level knowledge.
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    Thank You, I was wandering considering it's so difficult to find an entry level job within the Security arena. Most employers are seeking entry level positions with 2 years experience. I appreciate your insight.
    CISSP, CCENT, CCNA R/S, CCNA Cyber OPs, Security+, CySA+, PenTest+, Network+, Microsoft AZ-900, InsightVM Certified Administrator
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    It's like a lot of paths in IT...networking, security, cloud, etc. They can be hard to break its but when you finally get in everything becomes easier. The networking experience will definitely be helpful. As you progress you should start trying to decide what type of security you want to be involved with.
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    If you are still employed where you got the networking and help desk experience, I would recommend that you find out who is most responsible for security in your organization and do everything you can to try and work with them as much as you can. Put in the extra hours volunteering your time to help them with whatever you can... getting them coffee or anything. Just hanging around this person or persons will help you pick things up and an opportunity to work more closely with them may emerge. Even if you can't put direct experience on your resume as a title, you can list things you did or experienced in your current capacity but still relate to security. In an interview, make sure you highlight those things that pertain most to Info Sec.
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    wellllllllllllllll I am not that much In IT field little bit but what I advice you it is an ocean look at the map of it cert then select where U start and where U go
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