11th hour 3rd edition

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Does anyone know when this is likely to be released? I am maybe a few months away from being ready for the exam but wanted the book now as a guide. If I had an idea of release date I could perhaps wait but if its say end of this year I will just buy 2nd edition.

Thanks in advance.


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    I was asking the same questions a few weeks ago. No answer, nothing from the author's blog, so I don't expect anything...
    Have a look on Amazon, plenty of new books will be available soon.
    Amazon.co.uk: cissp

    I am using CISSP Sybex 2015, online questions are a good plus for that book.
    I really recommend that you keep an up to date book as a starting guide...
    Look up Cybrary Videos, they just been updated, free, and really useful.

    I am looking at CISSP for Dummies that is supposed to be already available at Amazon.co.uk, but out of stock, seems to be a lie since it would be release on 25th April in US.

    Good luck
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    Thank you for the reply. I already have Eric Conrad 3rd edition, and I just purchased the Sybex book. Also using CBT and Cybrabry, so I hope that is enough ;)

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    If it is similar to the 2nd edition, 11th hour is really a condensed version of Eric Conrad CISSP book.
    You already have the two best CISSP study books in the market. It should be enough. Good Luck!
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    Mike7 is right. The 11th hour is just a condensed version of his full study guide. It's not a big deal if you don't have it. I'd almost say make your own 11th hour. It will help reinforce the knowledge.
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